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Faculty Guidelines

Syllabus Content & Template

College policy 4.01 and procedure 401 both inform requirements for all syllabi. The full policy and procedure are included below.

College policy 4.01

Full time and adjunct faculty will provide each student in his/her class with a course syllabus. The course syllabus will be in written or electronic form and will consist of (a) instructor contact information, (b) course description, (c) minimum technical requirements, (d) student learning outcomes, (e) class format, (f) required textbook and/or materials, (g) classroom policies, (h) attendance policy, (i) late work/make-up work and exams policy, (j) instructor's grading/evaluation procedures to include grading scale, value of each assignment toward the final grade, (k) statement on assigning an Incomplete grade that is consistent with statement on I-grades in the current College catalog, and (l) withdrawal process. These procedures and policies will be adhered to by the instructor for the entire semester. The instructor will address all such student learning outcomes and content within the span of the course.​

College procedure 401

Course syllabi containing all required elements shall be posted online by each faculty for each course using the College’s Learning Management System. Grade books for each course shall be maintained in the Learning Management System or equivalent, as approved by appropriate Associate Vice President, by each faculty member and available to students through a corresponding course shell created at the beginning of each semester.

Syllabus Content and Template

NEW (May 2023): Faculty now have access to a digital syllabus application. Simple Syllabus is a template-driven platform that automatically archives all syllabi and provides a repository for public access as stated in Florida SB 7044. As with our previous syllabus template, some content areas are prepopulated with text that should be included verbatim. Sections containing this required content are locked from editing. Other content areas should be personalized to your course and may contain help notes with content examples. Syllabi will automatically be linked in Falcon Online. See the Simple Syllabus section for more information.