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Faculty Guidelines

Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Annual evaluations of faculty performance are conducted in accordance with College Policy 6.12 and College Procedure 612(a). All forms and other relevant information can be found in the Document Repository. To access: 

  1. Go to MyDaytonaState and select Falcon Self-Service.
  2. Login using your college credentials and ensure you are on the Employee homepage.
  3. Select the Document Repository tile ⇒ Departments ⇒ President's Office ⇒ Human Resources ⇒ Evaluations & Goals ⇒ Faculty Evaluation & Goals.

Link to Document Repository:  Evalulations & Goals

Student Evaluation of Instruction

In accordance with College Procedure 612(a), each semester, students are invited to evaluate the course and instructor for each course in which they are enrolled. Students will receive an email with links to their evaluations. Results of evaluations are shared with Department Chairs and instructors after the submission of grades. The following are the questions on the student evaluation of instruction. SmartEvals is an anonymous Course and Instructor evaluation system used by the College. Faculty can access evaluation results at

Course Evaluation Videos

Please share the videos below with your students to encourage higher rates of course evaluation completion. 

Click here to learn how to integrate course evaluations with your online class. 

For further information on how to access course evaluations, please refer to the video link below:

Classroom Observation - Procedure 612(a)

All teaching faculty will be observed by the department chair or by full-time faculty (as approved by the appropriate AVP).

Full-time faculty on continuing contract will be observed at least once every two years. Faculty on an annual contract will be observed at least once during each academic year. Adjunct faculty observations will be completed at least once a year.  All Classroom Observation forms will include signatures and be stored by the Chairperson in their department office.

More observations may be conducted if deemed necessary by supervisors.

Annual Faculty Activity Report

Full-time faculty are required to submit an activity report annually. This report is an opportunity for faculty to highlight their accomplishments for the year and is used as a component in the Annual Performance Evaluation. This form and further information can be found in the Document Repository (instructions can be found at the top of this page).

Link to Document Repository:  Annual Faculty Activity Report