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Faculty Guidelines


The mission of Resource Development is to assist the College in the identification, acquisition, and management of grants, contracts and other externally funded resources to support student success and the mission of the College.


To coordinate the College's resource development activities by providing support and assistance in the development, submission, and management of grants and contracts.

Services & Responsibilities

Serve as an informational resource for external funding.

  • Identify and research potential sources of external funds
  • Obtain and disseminate information about funding sources and grant opportunities
  • Monitor legislation and appropriations that impact grant programs
  • Stimulate interest among faculty and staff in the grants process

Provide assistance in the development and submission of proposal applications.

  • Review and make recommendations regarding proposal ideas
  • Assist in project planning and development
  • Review and edit proposal drafts
  • Assist with budget construction, in cooperation with Grants Accounting
  • Complete necessary forms
  • Coordinate internal review, approval, and sign-off for all proposals
  • Assemble, copy, and submit/transmit final proposals to funding sources
  • Maintain quality control in the total effort
  • Maintain the official files on all pending and unfunded proposals and all active and completed grant projects
  • Provide training to faculty and staff in all phases of grants development and management
  • Encourage strategic partner formation
  • Serve as liaison with funding agencies and proposal partners

Provide grants management support to project directors.

  • Receive official notifications of award and review/negotiate terms and condition
  • Monitor completion and submission of progress and final reports on funded projects
  • Evaluate the progress and impact of funded projects
  • Request and enter Time and Effort data into Cayuse
  • Serve as liaison with funding agencies

Operational Standards

Grants Development –The Office of Resource Development will identify and pursue external funding sources and opportunities that are consistent with the College’s mission and strategic priorities.

Grants Submission – All requests for funding will be consistent with the College’s priorities and will be approved in advance by the College administration. The Office of Resource Development will ensure the quality and appropriateness of all grant applications.

Grants Management – The Office of Resource Development will assist project directors in the management of externally funded projects to ensure compliance with appropriate policies and regulations.


The Office of Resource Development is located in Building 100 on the Daytona Beach campus. The website  lists the staff for this department.

The Grants Accounting Office is responsible for maintaining the official fiscal records of all funded grants and for submitting financial reports. This office will ensure that all federal, state, and college financial requirements are followed in expending and accounting for external funds and that expenditures conform to the proposal budget. 

Guidelines For Initiating Grants

External grants are a major source of funding for new programs and program enhancements at Daytona State College. The Office of Resource Development is responsible for coordinating the development and submission of all grant proposals and serves as a major resource during the grant preparation process. The office’s primary functions involve locating funding sources, developing program ideas into grant proposals, communicating and negotiating with funding agencies, monitoring projects, and retaining grant records. All grant proposals must be reviewed, approved and submitted by the Office of Resource Development.

Proposals can be initiated in two ways:

  • An individual or group of individuals develops an idea for a project and contacts the Office of Resource Development for assistance.
  • The Office of Resource Development identifies sources/programs whose guidelines coincide with the College mission and strategic plan, and contacts faculty or staff members to encourage their involvement in developing a proposal.

Faculty or staff who have an idea for a grant project should discuss the idea first with a supervisor and then contact Resource Development for further discussion. If the idea is more fully developed, a written summary can be summited in the form of a content paper. If a funding source has not been identified, Resource Development will assist in researching and acquiring information and guidelines for an appropriate grant program.

From the information presented, Resource Development will generate a Preliminary Grant Approval Form requesting approval from the President’s Senior Executive Staff to develop the proposal. The Senior Executive Staff will consider the following questions:

  • Does the proposed project meet a recognized need?
  • Does it address elements of the College’s Strategic Plan?
  • Will it integrate with existing programs?
  • What kinds of resources will be required; does it duplicate or supplement other efforts?
  • Is it consistent with the College mission?

Once approval is secured, the proposal development process continues. The Office of Resource Development will assist in the following ways:

  • Participate in preliminary planning discussions
  • Acquire and interpret grant guidelines
  • Assist with form completion, budget construction, and securing letters of commitment
  • Coordinate the grant writing effort Review and edit proposal drafts
  • Obtain required signatures Facilitate the approval process
  • Assemble and submit the finished proposal
  • Track submissions and report results

The proposal writing team should plan to submit a draft proposal to Resource Development at least 10 to 14 working days before the proposal deadline to allow time for editing, internal review and approval, signatures, and appropriate transmission.

Prior to submission, the following individuals must review the proposal and sign their approval.  

  • A representative of the Office of Human Resources is responsible for reviewing requests in proposal budgets for personnel including job descriptions, salary ranges, and fringe benefits. All salaries, salary supplements, stipends, benefits, and professional/consultative Center for Interactive Media/WDSC-TV15 included in a grant proposal must be based on the current salary administration plan and be commensurate with an employee’s current employment contract. Award of a grant is not a guarantee that a specific individual or employee will get a job or salary. ​The Finance Office will review the budget prior to proposal submission to ensure sound budget construction and adherence to institutional regulations. The appropriate division Dean/AVP, Vice President(s), and/or Provost must review and approve the proposal.
  • The Office of Resource Development will ensure the proposal conforms to all applicable grantor requirements and applicable College policies and that the proposal is placed on the District Board of Trustees agenda for final approval.
  • The Senior Executive Staff approves requests for matching funds, both cash and in-kind.
  • The President is the only individual authorized and empowered by the District Board of Trustees to sign a grant application on behalf of the College. The President’s signature is typically required on all applications, and no application may be submitted without his knowledge. The President will not sign any grant application that does not have a completed Final Grant Approval Form.

The District Board of Trustees, with the President’s recommendation, is the only body authorized to formally commit the resources of the College to any institutional grant. Institutional in-kind or cash contributions may be required; the Board and the President are the sole authorities for authorizing matching support. Space and facility commitments, release time schedules, salary classifications, stipends and other similar grant requirements also fall within their authority. Once a proposal has been submitted, the Director of Resource Development will prepare an exhibit of the grant proposal for the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the District Board of Trustees.

All proposals featuring collaboration with other organizations must undergo the same review and approval process – even if the collaborating organization develops and submits the proposal and serves as the fiscal agent.

Grant Proposal Process

  1. Resource Development (RD) reviews request for proposal.
  2. RD notifies appropriate College personnel of grant opportunity.
  3. RD provides copies of RFP or grant guidelines to interested individuals.
  4. A Project Director and Proposal Writing Team are identified.
  5. A Preliminary Grant Approval Form is completed and presented to Senior Executive Staff for approval to proceed with proposal development.
  6. RD establishes file/folder.
  7. RD and/or Project Director make agency or partner contact, if needed.
  8. RD, Project Director, and Proposal Writing Team meet to review guidelines, outline proposal, develop timelines, and assign responsibility.
  9. Proposal Writing Team meets to determine goals and objectives and to design project plan, management plan and evaluation.
  10. Proposal Writing Team meets to develop budget, forms, appendices, timelines, job descriptions, organization charts, and other application materials.
  11. Proposal Writing Team solicits and collects letters of support/commitment, if needed.
  12. Team submits draft to RD for review and edit.
  13. RD generates a Final Grant Approval Form and obtains other approvals and signatures both internal and external.
  14. RD assembles, copies, transmits proposal.
  15. RD submits agenda exhibit for Board approval of grant submission.