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Faculty Guidelines

QUANTA-Honors College

Daytona State's Quanta-Honors College is a learning community providing an alternative to regular college classes for highly motivated students who value academic achievement and want the competitive advantage that an honors degree gives.

Quanta-Honors students take about half of their courses in honors course clusters.  They take the other half outside Quanta-Honors, focusing on electives and on courses that meet pre-major requirements in their intended transfer pathways.

Each honors course cluster contains three courses and focuses on a special topic or theme.  Recent themes have included “Race and Ethnicity in America,” “Myth and the Hero’s Journey,” “Radical Communities,” “Plastic Paradise,” and “Original Research Edition.”

Quanta-Honors courses are challenging, but in addition to high expectations, the program features lots of support.  Students have three professors in the classroom every day, and also dedicated tutors in writing and math courses.  In addition, many assignments are completed in small groups and focus on discussing complex issues, exploring new ideas, and applying these ideas to real-world problems.

Why Do Students Choose QUANTA-Honors College For Their Associate Degree?

Students tell us that they like the classes because they are participatory – we discuss rather than lecture.  They like that we value thinking outside the box and challenging the conventional wisdom.  And there are some awesome perks:

  • Everyone uses laptops and tablets in the classroom.  Nearly all educational materials for Quanta-Honors courses are provided to students at no cost.
  • Students receive a scholarship for ten percent of their tuition automatically, and retain it throughout their enrollment period if they maintain a GPA of 3.2 or above.
  • Quanta-Honors students transfer to many different universities, and receive extra mentoring and guidance during the application process.  Special agreements give them guaranteed admission to Stetson University, Eckerd College, and the University of Central Florida’s Burnett Honors College.  At Stetson, selected students receive a financial package covering 100 percent of tuition and fees.

Entrance Requirements

The Quanta-Honors College is for any student who wants to be an honors student!  Some students join the program having already participated in high school or other honors programs; others are first-timers.  We think success comes from hard work and dedication, and we welcome students who are eager to add “honors” to their accomplishments for the first time.  We also welcome students from diverse backgrounds, including non-traditional students, dual-enrolled students, athletes, veterans, and parents.

Graduating With A QUANTA-Honors College Degree

In addition to completing all Quanta-Honors courses, students must satisfy the following requirements in order to graduate with a Quanta-Honors degree:

  • Complete sixty hours of service learning in the community prior to earning the A.A. degree and write a reflection essay about the experience.
  • Complete a final research project in the Honors Capstone Seminar.
  • Graduate with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2.