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Faculty Guidelines

Religious Observances (Procedure 715)

Reproduced in full:


In accordance with F.S. 1006.53, the College shall reasonably accommodate the religious observances, practices, and beliefs of individual students in regard to admissions, class attendance and the scheduling of examinations and work assignments.


A. Any student who has a concern regarding the College's implementation and/or interpretation of this rule, shall have the right to formalize that concern through the General Student Appeal Process as detailed in the College catalog.

B.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify instructors in writing ten (10) days in advance of absences to observe religious holy days in their own faith. Upon such reasonable notification, such absences shall be excused without penalty.

C. The student shall be responsible for material covered during the period of observance and shall be provided a reasonable time to complete make-up assignments.

D. The College and its faculty, as appropriate, shall schedule major class assignments, major examinations, and official ceremonies on other than major religious holy days whenever possible.

E. This procedure shall be published at least annually for distribution to faculty and students in a suitable format.