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Faculty Guidelines

Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Annual evaluations of faculty performance are conducted in accordance with College Policy 6.12 and College Procedure 612(a). The following sections highlight important components of the evaluation process.

Academic Department Chair evaluations are conducted annually using the Annual Chair Evaluation form.

Student Evaluation Of Instruction

In accordance with College Procedure 612(a), each semester students are invited to evaluate the course and instructor for each course in which they are enrolled. Students will receive an email with links to their evaluations. Results of evaluations are shared with department Chairs and instructors after the submission of grades. The following are the questions on the student evaluation of instruction. SmartEvals is an anonymous Course and Instructor evaluation system used by the College. Faculty can access evaluation results at


Classroom Observation - 612(b)

All teaching faculty will be observed by the department chair or by full-time faculty (as approved by the appropriate AVP).

Full-time faculty on continuing contract will be observed at least once every two years. Faculty on an annual contract will be observed at least once during each academic year.  Adjunct faculty observations will be completed at least once a year.  All Classroom Observation forms will include signatures and be stored in department files.  

More observations may be conducted if deemed necessary by supervisors.

Annual Faculty Activity Report

Full-time faculty are required to submit an activity report annually. This report is an opportunity for faculty to highlight their accomplishments for the year and is used as a component in the Annual Performance Evaluation.

(a) Student Support Goal

Supporting our students’ success has been a top priority at Daytona State College for many years.  In the spring of 2016 the Faculty Senate passed a motion to replace the Department Goal with a Student Support Goal.  The Student Support Goal will be part of the annual evaluation and goal setting process starting spring, 2017.

Student Support Goal (effective Spring 2017):

  • Recognizes the various ways that faculty support students across academic disciplines, programs, and campuses.
  • Creates a culture of recognition that encourages and makes visible the work faculty do to support students.
  • Replaces the Department Goal on the Faculty Annual Goals form with a Student Support Goal to be determined by faculty and chairs as a part of the annual evaluation and goals setting process.
  • Replaces the ASC and Writing Center three office hours/week mandate in the salary plan and the accompanying reporting requirements for faculty hired after 2008.

Faculty and Chairs will collaborate on an annual Student Support Goal that:

  • Reflects the various office hour commitments of faculty (1, 5, 6 or 10 hours).
  • Encourages faculty to try best practices that support a college-wide focus on student learning, success, engagement and retention.
  • Should be a commitment that is not covered by contracted work.
  • Should involve direct contact and engagement with students.
  • Should require scheduled activities during the semester or as significant preparation for activities that take place during a subsequent semester.
  • Can be listed as part of office hour commitment when time is used to interact with students.
  • Should be measurable as an annual goal that involves work over two major semesters.


  • How a Student Support Goal is validated will depend on the goal chosen.
  • The Student Support Goal and validation process will be approved by chair and AVP.
  • The level of the commitment should be determined based on the number of scheduled office hours and the nature of the commitment:
    • A Student Support Goal for Faculty with 1 office hour should be a measurable student support commitment to be determined in coordination with faculty and chairs during the annual evaluation and goal setting process.
    • A Student Support Goal for Faculty with 5 or 6 office hours should be measurable as a weekly or semester-long service commitment that totals about 1 hour per week or approximately 12 hours over the course of two major semesters.
    • A Student Support Goal for Faculty with 10 office hours should be measurable as a weekly or semester-long service commitment that totals about 2 hours per week or approximately 24 hours over the course of two major semesters.  

Options for Student Support Goal [where documented]:

Tutor and Facilitate

  • Department Lab (not covered by contract hours) [Department]
  • Faculty-Led Supplemental Instruction [ASC]
  • Learning sessions and exam prep outside of regular office hours [Department]
  • Writing Workshop [Writing Center]
  • Content Specific Workshops [Academic Support Center and Writing Center]
  • English Studio (ENC0055L) [Chair]
  • Work with a Supplemental Instruction peer tutor or Writing Fellow [ASC]
  • Volunteer in the ASC [ASC]
  • Volunteer to tutor in the Writing Center [Writing Center]


  • Advise students within a department or program [Department]

Sponsor and Support

  • Student club/activity sponsor [Student Activities Office or Chair]
  • Faculty mentor [Chair]
  • Organize and/or participate in a (or a series of) campus-wide or community outreach event(s) [Chair]
  • Study Abroad opportunity for students (recruitment, planning, engagement) [Chair]
  • Serve as capstone project mentor/advisor (outside of contract hours) [Chair/Department]
  • Provide a service learning opportunity for students [Chair]


  • Create and teach a linked class [Chair]
  • Teach in a learning community (Quanta) [Chair]


  • Develop a project that involves student learning, engagement, success, and/or retention. [Chair]