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Content Basics


The Content section of your course shell is where you post the course material - readings, PowerPoints, videos, etc.  There is a Content link in your navigation bar that will take you into the content section.

What is the difference between modules, submodules, and topics?

Content is organized in the following pattern:

  • Modules
    • Topics
    • Submodules (as needed)
      • Topics

Modules are like folders that help you organize your content into chunks. These chunks can be organized by week, chapter, etc. Topics are the content you add - files, videos, activities, etc. - to each module or submodule. Submodules are an option if you have a large number of content topics in a single module that you'd like to organize further.


One very important document you must post under the content section is the course syllabus.  The syllabus will give students all the important information about the course including what they are expected to learn in the course, how they contact you, course policies, etc.  Many basic questions about the course should be answered by the syllabus. Many instructors include the syllabus in the first module of the Content area for students to get started.

Looking for how to add video?

Check out the Videos section of this infoguide for details!

Keep it accessible!

To support Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, remember to review your content for accessibility so all learners have an equitable experience as best as possible.