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Falcon Online for Faculty

Introducing H5P


H5P is a plugin that allows you to create rich, interactive HTML5 content for your Falcon Online course shell, increasing engagement. This tool is a great way to create new engagement opportunities with your students and subject matter.

A Faculty Member's Perspective on H5P

Different applications of H5P

Below are the six most popular applications of H5P which cover a wide range of uses. Find out which application is best suited for your online classroom by looking at the six brief explainer videos: 

Memory Game: Create the Classic Image Pairing Game

Interactive Video: Create Videos Enriched with Interactions

Accordion: Create Vertically Stacked Expandable Items

Flashcards: Fun Way to Reinforce Concepts


H5P Hotspots: Turn Pictures into Informative Items of Intrigue


Course Presentations: Create Informative PowerPoint Slides Followed by Assessment