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Falcon Online for Faculty

Video Assignment Overview

Video Assignments

Check out the resources throughout this page on how to create and grade various types of Video Assignments, including:

  • Individual Project
  • Group Project
  • Question & Answer
  • Interactive Video

Adding Video Assignments to Falcon Online

After following the instructions on creating a Video Assignment, you must add the Video Assignment to your Content either in an existing or new module using the "Existing Activities" button and selecting the Video Assignments.

Advanced Settings & Features

There are many advanced settings and features offered by the Video Assignment tool to customize the experience. For the settings shared among multiple Video Assignment types, please see the resources below. A few Video Assignment types have specific advanced settings that are provided in the sections throughout this page if applicable.

Individual Project Video Assignment

Individual Project Overview

Setting up an Individual Project

Group Project Video Assignment

Group Project Overview

Setting up a Group Project

Question & Answer Video Assignment

Question & Answer Overview

Setting up a Question & Answer

Interactive Video Assignment

Interactive Video Overview

Setting up an Interactive Video

Assessing Video Assignments

Grading Video Assignments Overview

Within the Video Assignment tool, you will access the Gradebook to assess student work (please review the resources below for more details). This grade item will automatically be created and synced with the Falcon Online Grades after the first student has been assessed from within the Video Assignment tool.

To manually assign and associate a grade item, follow these steps:

  1. View the Video Assignment from the Content area
    1. If you haven't added it to the Content area, use the Existing Activities button to add the Video Assignment to the appropriate module
  2. In the bottom right, you should see an "Assessment" menu where you can create or associate a grade item
  3. Now you should see this grade item in the Grades area associated with "External Learning Tools", which is the Video Assignment

Important Note: When grading with Rubric, you may see a discrepancy between the grade in Bongo, and your LMS grade book with some grades. In Bongo, we calculate the grade to a percent. Since LTI specifications only allow for two places when sending the grade, we send only the value to the left of the decimal, and drop anything to the right. (Source: Bongo Knowledgebase - Grade with a Rubric)

Auto Analysis

Rubrics in Video Assignments

How to Copy to Your Courses

How to Activate Video Assignment Projects

Please be aware of the steps necessary to ensure your Video Assignment projects are active when you copy them over to another course shell. 

Copy All Components

If you choose the option 'Copy All Components', then there are only a few steps needed to complete the setup process. The following video tutorial goes through the specific steps.

Copy Select Components

If you choose the option 'Select Components', then there are several steps needed to complete the setup process. The following video tutorial goes through the specific steps if you are only copying specific Video Assignment projects.

If you have questions about copying Video Assignment projects, please contact the Faculty Innovation Center at: