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Falcon Online for Faculty

Awards Tool

Choosing An Award Type


Badge awards are intended to encourage engagement and include a single image to represent the accomplishment.


Certificate awards are meant to celebrate major milestones and include a PDF that autogenerates details such as name, date, and award information.

Issuing Awards

You can manually issue an award or set release conditions to automatically issue an award based on a set of criteria you determine.

Note: All awards downloaded are password protected to prevent any future edits.

Creating an Award

Creating Badges

Recognize your students' effort and progress by creating and issuing badges. This tutorial shows instructors how to create and add a new badge to their course.

Creating Certificates

Recognize your students' completion and other achievements by creating and issuing certificates. This tutorial shows instructors how to create and add a new certificate to their course.

Issuing an Award

Auto Issue Awards

Automate the distribution of awards based on set criteria by adding a release condition to an award. This tutorial shows how to add a release condition to an award.

Manually Issue Awards

For instances where you'd like to issue an award for an observed achievement, maybe in a hybrid classroom session or from publisher sites, using the manual option may work best for you.