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Falcon Online for Faculty

Quizzes Overview

The quizzes for your online course may include many different types of questions including multiple-choice, true-false, matching, short answer, long answer, etc. Quizzes can be set up with availability dates/times, time limits, or other restrictions.

The first step is to create your questions in the Question Library, where you can organize with Sections (i.e., folders). Once your questions are ready, you can create your quizzes and add any questions and settings as desired.

Once students have submitted a quiz, it may be automatically scored so students can see their grade immediately and, if set up in submission view settings, they can see feedback about their performance such as which questions they answered incorrectly and/or correctly.  Note: some question types may have to be manually scored by the instructor.

Question Library Overview

What's the point of the Question Library?

The benefit of maintaining your questions within the Question Library is to avoid accidentally deleting your questions in the event you delete a quiz. It's also a central area to organize your questions so if you are creating a cumulative midterm or final based on previous quizzes, you don't have to recreate the questions but rather pull them from your library. You can also pull a random set of questions from a large set of questions using the Question Pool feature.

Building Your Question Library

Creating or adding your own questions

If you have your own questions, you create the question type and copy/paste your question information into the question fields. There are advanced techniques you can use to provide flexibility to your questions as well, such as alternate spellings.

Adding questions from another course

If your department or peer faculty have questions you can copy, all you need is to be enrolled in the course containing the questions then, in your course, follow the copy steps in the following video. When searching, it may be helpful to include the course, section, and semester (i.e., D2L101 101F SP20).

Adding a test bank from a publisher

Publishers may offer test bank files you can upload into your course. These files should available as a zip file (do not extract or unzip unless specifically instructed by publisher) that are compatible with Falcon Online.

You can upload a test bank file from a publisher into Falcon Online using the following steps:

  1. Course Admin
  2. Import/Export/Copy Components
  3. Import Components – from a course package
  4. Click select a file
  5. Choose the test bank zip file
  6. After it completes, the questions should be in the Question Library

Creating a Quiz

Creating a Quiz

The following videos show you how to add questions, organize them using sections, and add integrity with shuffling and random question pools. A few details to consider when setting up your quizzes are:

  • Properties tab
    • Shuffle
  • Restrictions tab
    • Hide from Users - the quiz will not be visible to students
    • Availability Dates - students cannot take the test outside of this timeframe (note: they can start the quiz at any point during this window)
  • Assessment tab
    • Automatically grade upon completion - less manual grading!
    • Grade item - connect the quiz to your grade book
      • You can create the grade item from Grades or Quizzes
    • Automatically export to Grades - publish the grade so students can see all their grades in one place (Grades)
    • Attempts Allowed - consider how many times you'd like students to take the quiz

Protecting your quiz integrity

Prevent academic dishonesty using different settings and options within the Quizzes tool. Shuffling and Question Pools can help provide a unique experience for each student. Also, though a quiz may have a wide availability (date/time to begin), you can turn on the Enforced Time Limit option in the Restrictions tab to ensure all students are taking a reasonable amount of time once they begin the assessment.

What if you need to extend the deadline or time for a quiz?

The Special Access feature in the Restrictions tab of your quiz provides the ability to accommodate special circumstances.

What do students see?

You can preview a quiz, with or without restrictions applied, so you can check if your questions are displaying as expected.

Grading Quizzes

Assessment Settings

There are several options you can use to make quiz grading more efficient as well as options for sharing quiz performance details with your students.

Can students see what they got right or wrong after they finish their quiz?

By default, students only see their score (as long as it's being scored upon completion - check your Assessment tab for this setting). You can provide students with the option to review their quiz in a few different ways after they submit by editing the Submission View settings. The video below walks you through the options and how to set it up. 

Keep quiz integrity in mind as you open up these options - for example, if you are sharing correct answers you may consider adding a limit to how long students can review this information.

Sending quiz grades to the grade book

With the correct settings on, your quiz grades can automatically be sent to your grade book which can save you valuable time. The following video shows you the settings needed to accomplish this as well as a few troubleshooting steps in the event that you need to manually publish grades.

What if I want to give points/credit to students for a question that was confusing?

  1. On the course home page, click Quizzes.
  2. From the context menu of the quiz you want to grade, click Grade.
  3. In the Questions tab, select Update All Attempts.
  4. Click the quiz question that you want to grade.
  5. Enter grades for all respondents in the appropriate Grading Type field.
  6. Click Save.

(Source: Brightspace How To's for Quizzes)

What if a student forgot to save or submit a quiz they started?

Here's how to locate their in-progress quiz and submit on their behalf.

  1. In Quizzes, on the Manage Quizzes page, click the drop-down menu next to the quiz you want to grade.
  2. Select Grade.
  3. On the Users tab, click Show Search Options.
  4. From the Restrict to drop-down menu, select either All users or Users with attempts in progress.
  5. Click the Enter quiz as user icon next to the in-progress quiz and click Submit to submit the Quiz as that user.

(Source: Brightspace Submit in-progress quizzes)