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Microsoft Teams Integration in Falcon Online

Microsoft Teams Integration in Falcon Online

As shown in this video, all faculty, staff and students can create a MS Teams meeting using Outlook or the MS Teams app. But read on to see how instructors can create a virtual MS Teams class meeting from within a course shell!


You could create a MS Teams meeting in Outlook or Teams and send an invitation to your students or copy the meeting link and paste it somewhere in your course. But now it is even easier to setup a Teams meeting within your course.You can do this as a topic link within a module or as a link within content such as an announcement, module or topic description, or HTML file using the HMTL editor.

Adding MS Teams Meeting as a Topic Link in a Module

To create a topic link for a MS Teams meeting as a topic link in a module, navigate to the module where you want the link.

Select the Existing Activities button then select MS Teams Meeting from the list of options.

Insert MS Teams topic from the Exixting Activities button in a module

You may be required to sign in with your Daytona State College user ID and password. Note that you may have to scroll down to see the Sign In button.

Sign in to TeamsSelect the Create meeting link button.

Select create meeting link

Provide the meeting title, start and end date and time, and select the Create button.

Define the meeting title and dates.

Set the meeting options such as who can bypass the lobby and who can be presenters and then select the Insert button.

Set the meeting options and insert the link

You will now have a link at the bottom of the module based on the title you provided for the meeting.

Select the context menu dropdown arrow next to the link name and then select Edit properties in place.

Edit properties in place

Next, select the checkbox for Open as External Resource.

Check the box for open as external resource

Adding a MS Teams Meeting Within Content Using the HTML Editor

You can also provide a MS Teams meeting link within content wherever the HTML editor is available, such as an announcement, module or topic description, discussion, assignment, calendar event or HTML file. Basically anywhere you can use the HTML editor, you can insert a MS Teams meeting. In this example, I will insert a meeting link in an announcement.

Create a new announcement or edit a current announcement.

  1. Provide a title or headline.
  2. Type your message. Note that in my message I am using {FirstName} in the salutation. This is a variable that will be replaced with the first name of the user viewing the announcement.
  3. Put your cursor in the location where you want the meeting link.
  4. Select the Quicklink icon in the HTML editor toolbar. This is the icon that looks like a chain link.

Create a new announcement

On the insert quicklink popup, scroll down to the Third Party section and select MS Teams Meeting.

On the quick link popup, select MS Teams

From this point, follow the steps shown in the screens above for setting up the MS Teams meeting link. The text you provide for the MS Teams meeting will be inserted into the announcement at your cursor location as a link to the meeting.

Announcement with MS Teams meeting link

Here is a short video demonstration of the MS Teams integration in Falcon Online.

Direct Link to MS Teams and Falcon Online Video with Transcript