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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Retrieve a Document

To retrieve a document, select Retrieval from the menu.

Menu ribbon with the retrieval option highlighted

If you are permitted to view more than one group, you can select a group to limit the number of document types to choose from.

Document retrieval showing list of groups to choose from

After choosing a group, you then select a document type.

Document retrieval screen with document types highlighted

Enter the information about the student/employee then click Find.

Document retrieval screen with the form fields for entering student information and the Find button highlighted

A list of documents will appear on the right. Double click the document you want to view.

Document retrieval screen with list of avaialable document highlighted.

The document will open in a new window.

View Document

Sending a Document to your Personal Page

If you would like to keep this document in your Personal Page, select Send To and then from the dropdown menu select My Personal Page.

Document with the send to personal page options highlighted

Alternatively, you can right click on the document and choose Send To from the popup menu then choose My Personal Page.

Right click menu with send to my personal page options highlighted

View your Personal Page by selecting Personal Page from the menu. You will see a tile for the added document. Click the tile to view the document.

Your personal page and the document tile.

Cross Reference Documents

Certain documents can be cross referenced with student or employee ID and are viewable by selecting Cross-References from the menu or by using the right click menu.

Cross references from the menu

Cross references using right click

Custom Queries

You are also able to retrieve the documents from the Custom Queries.

Select Custom Queries on the ribbon.

Custom queries selected on the ribbon

Enter the information you have. If you are entering the partial information, you need to use the wild card asterisk (*).

Enter information for custom queries

You can search from all the documents listed above. Your search will return a list of documents. To sort the list, select the column title to togeel between ascending and descending order. To filter the list, select the dropdown arrow below the column title.

Sort and filter

Double-click a document to view.

Making Personal Page your Home page

On the Home tab, click the down arrow under Home in the ribbon and select Make this layout my Home Page.

Next time you log back in, you will land on your personal page.

Make personal home page your homepage