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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Highpoint Introduction

Welcome to the Info-guide section for everything related to Highpoint's Degree Planner and Schedule Builder. This is the area in your MyDaytonaState portal where you can access Degree Planner and Schedule Builder to assist students among other things. In this guide, we have two sections that provide step by step guides and videos for each program. Degree Planner is where faculty and staff should go when reviewing a student's degree path (academic program), courses, and program progress throughout their time at Daytona State College. Schedule Builder is where faculty and staff can create and review schedules for students based off of courses directly imported from Degree Planner. 

How to Access HighPoint in MyDaytonaState Falcon Self-Service

To Access the "HighPoint" area in Falcon Self-Service: please follow these steps.

  1. Open a Web Browser and navigate to the Daytona State College homepage.
  2. Select "Menu" in the upper right corner.
  3. Then select “MYDAYTONASTATE”.
  4. When the page loads, select the Falcon Self-Service tile.
  5. Login with your normal college credentials .
  6. After logging in, select the "NavBar" icon in the upper right, PeopleSoft NavBar Icon
  7. Select "Menu".
  8. Select the "HighPoint" tab
  9. You will now see the option to pick "Degree Planner" or "Schedule Builder."