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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Overview of Attendance Verification


  • Attendance is due twice a semester for college credit courses and it's up to you to report this in your Faculty Center by the due date via the MyDaytonaState portal.
  • The due dates for attendance verification are located on the academic calendars.  Visit and select the academic calendar to see the due dates. 
  • Your department chair may send you a reminder to input attendance verification. 


  • The last date of attendance is not required for students recorded as "Not Present" in "Roster 1"
  • The last date of attendance is required for students recorded as "Not Present" in "Roster 2"
  • The Last date of attendance must be correctly calculated by the Faculty Member.
  • For Roster 1, students reported as "Not Present" and who are on Financial Aid will be un-enrolled from your course.  All other students will stay even if they are reported as 'Not Present".
  • For Roster 2, every student who is reported as "Not Present' will be un-enrolled from your course. 

How to Calculate "The Last Date of Attendance"

Face To Face Course

Online and Hybrid Course

The last date that you counted your student as physically present in your course. The last date that your student was active in the course. This can be calculated by checking course progress or course activities such as a discussion.

Calculating "The Last Date of Attendance" is very important!  Make sure that you take your time and really think of the last time the student was active in your course.  Every student has emergencies so it's up to you to define when a student is considered "Not Present" and when was the last day that they attended. 

How to Submit Attendance

Submitting Attendance Rosters

For more step by step instructions please visit this Attendance Process Help Guide. 

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  1. First, review and keep track of the latest Academic Calendar to show the dates when attendance verification is due. 
  2. Your department chair will indicate when to input your attendance via email but don’t always count on this reminder, it’s up to you to keep track of these dates.   
  3. Access and login to your Faculty center via the MyDaytonaState Portal
  4. Navigate to “Attendance College Credit” 
  5. Once the attendance verification window opens, you will see an active hyper link based on the availability.
  6. Select the course that you need to report attendance for. 
  7. In the video below we will show you how to submit attendance for “Roster 1” 
  8. Please note that submitting attendance for “Roster 1” and for “Roster 2” are the same workflow except in “Roster 2” you will indicate "The Last Date of Attendance" for the student in question.  
  9. Before you have completed your attendance verification you will see “No Response” under the progress area  
  10. Select the Roster of the course that you will input attendance for.
  11. Based on you attendance observation, select the box "Present" or "Not Present" for each of your students.
  12. For Roster 2, students who are marked as "Not Present" will need an accurately calculate "Last Date of Attendance" inputted in that area.
  13. Once completed with each student select “Save”  
  14. The return back to the "Attendance College Credit" tab and verify that the roster that you just finished states "Completed"