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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Incomplete Process

How Students with an Incomplete Access a Closed Course in Falcon Online

Once an instructor assigns a grade of an ‘Incomplete’ ( “I” ) for a student in their PeopleSoft class roster, the student will be enrolled in the Falcon Online ‘AStudent_Incomplete’ role in the course after the next Falcon Online update. The Falcon Online update time frames are 2:30am, 8:30am, 2:30pm, and 9:30pm. This will allow the student to access the closed course, since all course access ends each semester for all students. Once the instructor submits the grade change for the student in PeopleSoft, the student in Falcon Online is enrolled back into the ‘AStudent’ role which will remove course access. If at the end of 45 days there has been no grade change submitted by the instructor, the grade in PeopleSoft automatically shifts to an “F” and in Falcon Online the student is enrolled back into the ‘AStudent’ role, which ends course access.

The Falcon Online coordinator generates a report to confirm all students are changed back in to the ‘AStudent’ role after the 45 day period for the incomplete has ended.