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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Overview of the Grades Roster


  • Grades are due at the end of each semester and are inputted by the Faculty member via their "Faculty Center" in the MyDaytonaState portal.
  • The due dates for grades are located on the academic calendars.  Visit and select the academic calendar to see the due dates. 
  • Your department chair may send you a reminder to input final grades. 


  • Final Grades Due by midnight on last day of session.
  • Official Grades must be reported in your "Faculty Center" within the MyDaytonaState portal.
  • Grades posted in the Falcon Online will not automatically transfer over.
  • It's up to you to submit and post official grades at the end of each term. 

How to Input Final Grades

Submitting Final Grades

For more step by step instructions please visit this Enter Final Grades Help Guide.

  1. Visit your Faculty Center  
  2. Click on “My Schedule” 
  3. At the end of the term the “Grade Roster” option will appear under your “My Schedule” area within your Faculty Center 
  4. Select “Grade Roster” 
  5. Review your student list and input grades for each student based on your grade records 
  6. Input each students grade and verify that they are correct 
  7. You can notify Students via this area  once grades are posted if needed 
  8. Once all students are graded, select “Approve” from the drop down menu.
  9. Once all students are graded, select “Save” then select “Post” 
  10. This will post the official grades for students to review 
  11. If you have any questions about posting final grades please contact the Records Office