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Falcon Self-Service - Faculty and Staff

This is an info-guide created for the Faculty Center Located in the Falcon Self Service area.

Entering Adult Ed Final Grades

First, go to the portal and login.
1) Click on Falcon Self-Service.

2) Click Faculty Center tile.

3) Select My Schedule. Select the Grade Roster icon.

grade roster icon

You will see several icons on the icon legend (below) on your schedule, but only two are available for use: Class Roster and Grade Roster. We do not use Gradebook, Assignments, or Learning Management.

my schedule icon legend with class roster, grade roster, gradebook, assignments, and learning management

4) Set the Grade Roster Type to Not Reviewed. Grades can be entered one by one in the Roster Grade column. Select Save to apply changes. Leave the status as Not Reviewed until the end of the term

image of select the grade roster type to not reviewed

5) You can assign students that have the same letter grade together by checking the box next to the student name, then selecting the letter grade from the drop down menu. Click Add this grade to selected students.

image to assign students that have same letter grades

6) At the end of the term, enter a Roster Grade of NG (no grade) for students that have not earned a grade. Review and/or enter SP for all students that completed the course.

7) Change the Approval Status to Ready for Review. Then Save.

image to change approval status to Ready for Review