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Citation & Documentation

Images and Media

Online Image

Last Name, First. Image Name. year of publication, Title of website, URL.


Title of Film. Directed by First Name Last Name, performances by First Names Last Names, Studio or distributor, release year.

Post to Social Media

@Author. “Full Text” or “Title” Name of Site. Day Month Year, Time, URL. 


Last Name, First or Username. “Title of video.” Title of website, publication date, URL.


“Title of Episode.” TV Show, role by First and Last Names, season, episode, Network, Day Month Year.

Video Game

Last Name, First Name, role. Title of Game. Distributor, Date of release. Gaming System or Platform. 

Musical Score 

Composer’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Composition. Year of Composition. Publisher, Year of Publication. 


Last Name, First Name, Role. “Title of Episode.” Title of Program, season, episode, Sponsor, Date, URL, Accessed Day Month Year. 

Other Communication

Personal Letter

Sender’s Last Name, First Name. Letter to the author. Day Month Year.


Sender’s Last Name, First Name. “Subject Line.” Received by First and Last Names, Day Month Year. 

Personal Interview

Subject’s Last Name, First Name. Personal Interview. Day Month Year.