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Citation & Documentation

Audiovisual Media

Audiovisual Media That Stand Alone
Author Date Title Publisher URL
Director, D. D. (Director) (Year). Title of work [Description]. Production Company. https://xxxx
Producer, P. P. (Executive Producer) (Year--present). Label.
Host, H. H. (Host) (Original year--end year). Museum Name, Museum Location.
Artist, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Department Name, University Name.
Uploader, U. U. 
Audiovisual Media That Are Part of a Greater Whole
Author Date Title Publisher URL
Writer, W. W. (Writer) & Director, D. D. (Director). (Year). Title of episode (Season No., Episode No.) [Description]. In P. P. Producer (Executive Producer), Title of TV series. Production Company. https://xxxx
Host, H. H. (Host). (Year, Month Day). Title of song [Description]. In Title of podcast. Production Company.
Producer, P. P. (Producer). On Title of album. Label.
Composer, C. C.
Artist, A. A.

Sample References:

Artwork in a museum or on a museum website:

Matisse, H. (1909). The dance (I) [Painting]. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, United States.

Episode of a TV show:

Molyneux, L. & Molyneux, W. (Writers), & Lim, K. (Director). (2011, March 20). Art crawl (Season 1, Episode 8) [TV series episode]. In L. Bouchard & J. Dauterive (Executive Producers), Bob's burgers. Bento Box Entertainment; 20th Century Fox Television.

Author(s) of Audiovisual Material

Who Do I Include as the Author of My Source?
Media type Include as the author
Film Director
TV series Executive producer(s)
TV series episode Writer and director of episode
Podcast Host or executive producer
Podcast episode Host of episode
Webinar Instructor
Classical music album or song Composer
Modern music album or song Recording artist
Artwork Artist
Online streaming video Person or group who uploaded the video
Photograph Photographer