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Career Planning: Choose Your Path

Highlighting Transferable Skills On Your Cover Letter

Highlighting Your Transferable Skills on a Resume

The best job search tactic involves customizing your cover letter and résumé for every position you apply to. The extra time and care you put into this step makes all the difference. One thing you do not want to do is create a laundry list of all of your transferable skills and throw them on your résumé . Instead, select only the relevant transferable skills you’ll need for a specific position and highlight those. Research the position that you are applying to and tailor your résumé  to demonstrate that you are the candidate that meets those needs.

Analyze the Job Description

Read the job description for detail. As you review it, make note of keywords and requirements that are repeated or stand out (especially if they say 'required' or 'preferred'. These are areas that you want to compare with your transferable skills and make a match to highlight. 

What Are Your Transferable Skills?

Take the list of core skills the company wants from applicants for that role and compare your skills and experience to identify which of your current job skills are transferable and should be showcased on your resume. Don’t overstate your skills, claiming you have extensive and relevant  experience if that’s not the case. 

Go back to Module 1 and revisit the Transferable Skills area under Self-Assessments. You can find great options for wording related to your skills and what employers are looking for. 

Create a Cover Letter Activity

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