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Career Planning: Choose Your Path

Module 2: Major and Career Research

Module 2: Major and Career Research

In this Module, you will take what you learned about yourself in the the self-assessments in Module 1 and start conducting some research. This next step will have you exploring academic programs and the educational path you need that will properly prepare you for your desired career. You will also be able to explore a variety of reliable sites that provide information about occupations (a day in the life, salary, demand, and more). This video explains some of the ways to research a career that are not focused on book or internet research. 


Each profession requires specific skills, education and knowledge to complete particular tasks unique to the work. In this area you want to investigate at least two careers that interest you. If you are currently wanting to change careers, take this opportunity to explore another occupation or even a related career in your current profession. At the end of this module, reflect on what you discovered to continue your career journey.

Upon completing this research and activities in this module, you will:

  • Recognize research resources related to majors and colleges
  • Identify reliable tools to search career opportunities, salary information, job outlook and career readiness resources
  • Explore possible careers

How To Choose The Right Career

It is important to research your desired career to understand the skills and expectations needed to perform. You want to have a realistic perception of day-to-day responsibilities, and aspects of that profession that are common among those who have pursued it. Your research can also lead to a better understanding the overall job market in an area of the country in comparison to how the job market fairs in your local neighborhood.

Video: Bridging the Gap to Right-fit Career Path

In addition to understanding your career path you want to explore what others reflect on and say about their career journey.