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Career Planning: Choose Your Path

Choosing a Career Path

In this InfoGuide you will be given the opportunity to complete a series of modules that will help identify your interests and skill sets that will lead to career discovery. You will be given the necessary information and tools to be successful in searching for a career. This InfoGuide will also prepare you on what to expect during the application and hiring process.

Over the years, education introduces us to many different courses, people, roles, and responsibilities. These are all components for building skills towards a career. Throughout our educational journey we are given the opportunity to test the waters and see where our passion and interests lies. Choosing a career is the final destination after our educational journey. For some people their career is a given, but for others it is still a journey of discovery.

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: A Path to Self-Exploration

Upon completing this module,

  • Students will be able to explore and identify personal interests
  • Students will learn transferable skills related to future careers
  • Students will discover their strengths and weakness and reflect on how to improve them.

Module 2: Career Research

Upon completing this module,

  • Students will be able to navigate relevant tools to search career opportunities, salary information, job outlook and career readiness resources
  • Student will explore possible careers
  • Students will reflect on and apply their career research to the application and interview process

Module 3: From Application to Interview

Upon completing this module,

  • Students will be able to compose professional documents to utilize for preparation of job interviews, internships, and other educational programs
  • Students will be able to engage in activities that will assist in job interview preparation (mock interviews)
  • Students will engage in the job application process and learn effective communication techniques with the proper use of appropriate language

Infoguide Walkthrough

Navigating through the Falcon Career Planning Info Guide

In this InfoGuide you will be able to navigate through the modules at your own pace. You can start with the first module and complete it in the respective order; however, you do not have to complete it all in one sitting. You have the flexibility of picking up where you left off. You can also start with the module that is most beneficial to you. If you know what career you will be working towards and you have done your research, you may want to jump right to Module 3. Keep in mind that each module has assessments. You must complete the assessments for the modules and complete your portfolio, in order to earn your badge.