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Career Planning: Choose Your Path

Welcome - Watch the Career Planning InfoGuide Overview Slideshow!

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Watch this short slide show for an overview of this guide and how it can help you. Use the arrows to the left and right of the image to advance or go back to the previous slide. 

The Career Planning InfoGuide was created to meet the needs of students and alumni at the various stages of career development. Here you will have the opportunity to complete three modules to help identify your interests and skill sets, recognize the 'fit' between your academic and career goals and expectations, and prepare you for the job search, application and hiring process.

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The Career Planning InfoGuide was designed for ease of use and meeting your individual interests. 

  • You can start with any module. We recommend completing them in the order that they appear in the menu, as it follows the career development process. 
  • You can complete one module or all three.  On the home/launch page for each module, you will find a description of its content. Based on that information, you can determine if that module will be beneficial for your needs. 
  • Review all content (videos, articles and activites) in the module. You will get the most out of the module by using all of the resources provided. This also includes visiting links to outside sources that may provide more information or additional activities.
  • You can navigate through the modules at your own pace. You can stop and start at any point within a module. 
  • COMING IN SPRING 2023!! Each module includes a quiz that qualifies you to earn a badge. If you would like to earn a badge credential that you can share to social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), you will need to complete a quiz based on that module's content with a minimum score. Completing the quiz to earn a badge is optional. 

Questions To Ask Yourself - Slide 3 of 8

The process starts with some basic questions.

  • You may be undecided and unsure of how to make an academic program/career decision
  • You may be decided on a career or profession, but need more information about the correct path (academic program/major) to follow or details about the occupation itself (demand, availability, salary, education or training required, skills needed)
  • You may have committed to a program/major or even graduated, but would benefit from learning more about the employment process, from finding opportunities, applying, and interviewing. 

Complete Career-Related Self-Assessments - Slide 4 of 8

Learn more about yourself on various topics to help you narrow down your choice. Assessments to help you become more self-aware include:

  • Interest inventories
  • Work value assessments
  • Aptitude/Skill assessments
  • Identifying Transferable Skills 

Conduct Career-Related Research - Slide 5 of 8

Learn more about your career, if it meets your expectations and if it is a good fit for your goals. There are resources to help you research:

  • Academic majors and how they lead to specific professions
  • Career information such as skills and education needed in addition to salary and job demand
  • Information about workplace trends
  • Commonly used terminology related to career research and employment

Identify The Path To Employment - Slide 6 of 8

Learn about how to represent yourself professionally through employment-related documents and preparing for the interview. This includes information about:

  • Finding available positions and the job search
  • Effectively completing job applications
  • Creating an impressive cover letter
  • Developing a well-crafted resume that represents your skills and background
  • Preparing for a job interview and making a professional impression

Access Career-Related Resources & Services - Slide 7 of 8

Learn more about DSC Career Services and other valuable resources. 

Time To Get Started!

Your next step it to start investigating the modules! We're glad you took the time to check out our InfoGuide and hope you benefit from the resources we have provided for you. 

Learning Outcomes

Module Outcomes

Module 1: A Path to Self-Exploration

Upon completing this module, you will:

  • Identify personal interests, values, and aptitudes 

  • Recognize transferable skills related to future careers

Module 2: Career Research

Upon completing this module, you will:

  • Recognize research resources related to majors and colleges
  • Identify reliable tools to search career opportunities, salary information, job outlook and career readiness resources
  • Explore possible careers

Module 3: From Application to Interview

Upon completing this module, you will:

  • Identify the essential elements of employment-related documents such as applications, cover letters, and resumes 
  • Recognize key factors related to job interview preparation