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Managing Your Success

Avoiding Self-Sabotage - Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself.

We all have our moments of self-doubt and not feeling very confident. We need to take the time to really examine what we think, feel and do in those situations so that it stays isolated (and eventually resolved) to that situation and doesn’t branch out to be a life outlook or behavior pattern in other situations. Some self-defeating reactions might include cutting class/quitting school, social withdrawal or participating in less-than healthy behaviors (drinking, drugs, overly-risky behaviors). These can create a vicious cycle - self-defeating patterns where you believe your own negative self-talk and put-downs. You become your own worst enemy and critic and convince yourself that you are not able, worthy or valuable.

Break the cycle by identifying your negative inner dialogue, that voice inside of you who continuously attempts to convince you that you can’t do it or will find any excuse or scapegoat to blame other than allowing you to take responsibility and accountability for your choices and actions.

Watch this video to learn more about Why Your Critics Are Not The Ones Who Count

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