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Managing Your Success

Calculating Your GPA

To calculate your grade point average, first multiply the number of credits each class is worth by the point value for the letter grade that you earned in that class. Next, total the grade points of all of your classes for that semester and divide it by the number of credit hours that you attempted. This is your semester GPA.

This is an example of a semester schedule, grades earned and how to calculate the semester GPA. 

  • To estimate your GPA for your current classes, use this College GPA Calculator. Plug in your current classes, their credit hour values and the estimated grade (or your current grade if you want to know your current GPA).
  • If you have more than one semester of classes, you will want to understand how to calculate your cumulative GPA. You can use the same College GPA Calculator, but you will add in additional semester information to get the cumulative GPA versus the semester GPA.  
  • Use this Improve Your GPA Calculator to determine the grades and number of credits you would need to increase your GPA.