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Strategies to Beat Procrastination

Are you a procrastinator? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

One 2007 study found that a shocking 80 to 95% of college students procrastinated on a regular basis, particularly when it came to completing assignments and coursework. Is it really that shocking, though?

In addition to the reasons why we procrastinate, we often come up with a number of excuses or rationalizations to justify our behavior. According to TuckmanAbry, and Smith, there are 15 key reasons why people procrastinate:

  1. Not knowing what needs to be doneundefined
  2. Not knowing how to do something
  3. Not wanting to do something
  4. Not caring if it gets done or not
  5. Not caring when something gets done
  6. Not feeling in the mood to do it
  7. Being in the habit of waiting until the last minute
  8. Believing that you work better under pressure
  9. Thinking that you can finish it at the last minute
  10. Lacking the initiative to get started
  11. Forgetting
  12. Blaming sickness or poor health
  13. Waiting for the right moment
  14. Needing time to think about the task
  15. Delaying one task in favor of working on another


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