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Falcon Self-Service for Students

This guide will demonstrate how to use the various functions of the MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service portal.

Access Falcon Self-Service

  1. Go to the MyDaytonaState portal and select Falcon Self-Service.

    My Daytona State Homepage with the Falcon Self Service Tile highlighted
  2. You will be prompted for your Daytona State login information.

    Daytona State Login page

Viewing Holds and To Dos

  1. Your Holds and To Dos populate on your main student Dashboard. From the Dashboard screen you can:
    1. Select a card to view more information.
    2. Expand a section to full screen using the box and arrow icon in the upper right corner and, if available, click the View More link at the bottom.

    Main Dashboard
  2. Selecting a card opens the list in full screen.
    1. Select a Holds item to see more information.
    2. Note that the Holds and To Dos are also available from the My Information menu.

    Full screen Holds with an item selected
  3. For your To Dos: Select an item with a status of Initiated for more details, which may include a link to complete the item.To Dos item selected showing initiated status
    1. Status codes for To Dos are:
      1. Initiated: Paperwork is outstanding
      2. Received: Paperwork has been received and is under review but will remain on the To Dos list
      3. Complete: Paperwork has been reviewed, determined accurate, and checklist item has been satisfied. Once the status has been updated to Complete, the checklist item will no longer display on the To Do list.