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Falcon Self-Service for Students

This guide will demonstrate how to use the various functions of the MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service portal.

Accept/Decline Foundation Scholarship

1. Click on Foundation Scholarship Application in the left navigation menu from and log in using your Daytona State Credentials.

DSC scholarships website page with Foundation Scholarship Applications button highlighted in left navigation menu

2. Select My Awards.

3. On the right-hand side, the Next Steps explain the requirements for receiving your scholarship.

Award Details for the scholarship that has been offered and Next Step instructions.

4.  Scroll down to Accept/Decline Awards.

    1. Select the Action of “I Accept this award” or “I Decline this award.”
    2. Select Go.

Step 1: action dropdown box to select accept of decline. Step 2: Go button.

5. If accepted, a pop-up box will appear asking, “Are you sure you wish to ACCEPT this award?”

6. Once confirmed, a screen detailing What’s Next will appear. Select Return.

Award confirmation screen with Return button highlighted

7. From the home screen, select the Thank You Letter hyperlink.

Scholarship home screen with Thank You Letter hyperlink highlighted under Complete Thank You Letter

8. Read the Thank You Letter instructions and the example letter.

Thank you letter instructions

Thank you letter example

9. In the Thank You Letter Email box, type your Thank You letter.

Thank you letter email box

10. Select Save Draft, Cancel, or Send Thank You.

Thank you email box with Send Thank You highlighted

11. If submitted, review your confirmation. Select Return.

Thank you letter submission confirmation with return button at the bottom highlighted

12. On the home screen, both steps should be completed, and no further action is required for this scholarship offer.

Scholarship site home screen with accept/decline award task complete and thank you letter task complete

13. Repeat this process for all DSC Foundation Scholarships awarded.