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MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service Help Guide

This guide will demonstrate how to use the various functions of the MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service portal.

Access Falcon Self-Service

  1. Go to the MyDaytonaState portal and select Falcon Self-Service.

    My Daytona State Homepage with the Falcon Self Service Tile highlighted
  2. You will be prompted to login with your Daytona State account.

    Daytona State Login Page With the username, password and sign in button highlighted

Editing Your Enrollment

Edit Enrollment allows a student to update only the lab section a student is currently enrolled in, while remaining enrolled in the lecture section they previously selected. 

To change lecture section, students should use Drop Classes, then Enroll By My Requirements to register for a new section. 

  1. Expand the Enrollment Menu, select Edit Enrollment, then select the Edit button for the course you want to change the lab section.

    Edit enrollment screen with Edit button highlighted
  2. Select a new lab time, then select Continue.

    Edit class sections screen with new time selected and continue button highlighted

  3. Select Continue to confirm your choice. Use the back arrow if you want select a different section from the previous page.

    Confirm changes screen with the back arrow and continue button highlighted
  4. Review Edit Enrollment Results and select OK.

    Edit Enrollment Results screen with the OK button highlighted