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MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service Help Guide

This guide will demonstrate how to use the various functions of the MyDaytonaState Student Falcon Self-Service portal.

Access Falcon Self-Service

  1. Go to the MyDaytonaState portal and select Falcon Self Service.

    My Daytona State Homepage with the Falcon Self Service Tile highlighted
  2. You will be prompted to login with your Daytona State account.

    Daytona State Login Page With the username, password and sign in button highlighted

FERPA Restrictions

  1. Expand the My Profile menu and select General Information. Then select the Go to FERPA Restrictions link.

    General Info screen with the FERPA Restrictions button highlighted
  2. To restrict your directory information from being released, including all publications such as the Commencement book, select Edit.

    FERPA restrictions screen with Edit button highlighted
  3. Select Restrict All. If you would like to have your name released to our Commencement book, expand Release for publications. Then check Commencement Program and Save.

    FERPA Restrictions screen with Restrict all selected and commencement program highlighted