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Falcon Online for Students

This guide is designed for those new to online study and as a general reference guide for all online students.


Students can now view all their syllabi before classes start from within the Falcon Online home page. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the course structure, objectives, and the required materials. This will assist you in being well-prepared prior to the start of classes.

Accessing the Syllabus

To access the Syllabus, log into Falcon Online. On the My Home page, select Syllabus from the navbar.

To view your Syllabus, select the My Courses tab.

You can now select the View or Print button to view your syllabus.

To view a syllabus when not logged into Falcon Online, go to Online Syllabus Repository or from the Daytona State College website, simply go to the top-right corner and click on the Menu icon, then select "Student Life," followed by "Student Resources," "Bookstore," and finally, "Online Syllabus Repository."