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Falcon Online for Students

This guide is designed for those new to online study and as a general reference guide for all online students.

Using Your Falcon Online Classlist

The Classlist can be found in the blue nav bar. Here you can locate the names of everyone in your online class, including your instructor, other students, and other teaching assistants like a TA, Librarian, or Tutor. The green dot next to someone's name means they are actively online. You can email or instant message directly from this list.

Classlist Advantages

The advantages of sending email to your instructor from within Falcon Online, using Classlist, include:

Correct email address: Choose your instructor from from the list. There is no need to look up the email address or type it in. Avoid typos and errors which result in an undeliverable email or one that is never received.

Easy identification: Your full name is listed as the sender (FROM) and your course and section number (for the class you are emailing from) are automatically added to the SUBJECT line. This makes it easier for instructors to quickly identify you and the class in question. This makes researching your questions quicker and easier, which most likely means a quicker response.

Records Privacy: Using FalconMail and/or Classlist ensure that you are communicating with an account where instructors can share student record information lawfully, such as course status and grades. Response to personal emails about such information is not permitted.

Navigate Falcon Online Classlist