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Falcon Online

This guide is designed for those new to online study and as a general reference guide for all online students.

Need More Help?

For assistance with course materials, contact your instructor.

For Falcon Online 24/7 support of course tools:

  • View Help on the Falcon Online Navbar.
  • Email the Helpdesk:
  • Call the Helpdesk at
    386-506-3950, option 2.

Video Assignments

Your instructor may also use Video Assignments in your course. This type of assignment allows you to upload a video or record a video within the tool. Your instructor can provide feedback on your submission and also choose to allow peer reviews from your classmates.

To submit a Video Assignment, select the link provided by the instructor in your course. You will then see a screen similar to this:

Student view of Video Assignment screen showing how to expand the additional info and to include a slide presentation

Additional Resources:

Using YouTube to Upload Video