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The WAC/WID infoguide's purpose is to outline the benefits and function of the WAC/WID professional development program.


WAC/WID: Teaching & Learning Retreat

Working as a Faculty Fellow in the WAC/WID program gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and lead the campus community in developing multiple literacies in our student population. As a Faculty Fellow in WAC/WID, you are responsible for facilitating the program, which may include mentoring other faculty members, performing classroom observations for program participants, facilitating the Online Program, and/or facilitating the Teaching and Learning Retreat. Compensation for your time is given as a course release or a stipend. Faculty earning program credentials also earn professional development credit for the purposes of continuing education, tenure, and promotion.

If you are interested in participating in the DSC Writing Center's WAC/WID: Faculty Fellows Program, complete the application and return to Jessica Lipsey.