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Writing Center Services


Embedded Specialists

A Writing Specialist can be embedded into any Falcon Online course to assist students with writing, communication, and digital literacy. Having an embedded specialist provides easy and direct contact to the Writing Center's services. Writing Specialists work with faculty to create specialized content for classes.

We can work with you to provide the support that your students need to have a successful semester. 

What is Embedding?

We understand that, as an instructor, it is difficult to be available to each and every student in your class. By embedding a specialist, you can encourage students to contact the specialist if/when they are struggling with an assignment or in the course in general. Once embedded in the course, the specialist can access assignment sheets, the course syllabus and other documents necessary to be aware of the expectations of the course.

Benefits that a specialist provides: 

  • Support to students via one-on-one virtual consultations
  • Communication with students via discussion boards and email. 
  • Development of supplemental resources (videos/handouts) to aid learning. 
  • Creation of personalized virtual workshops by request.
What Specialists Can Do  What Specialists Won't Do
  • Post announcements
  • Provide learning resources
  • Discussed individual Plans for Students
  • Explain and Clarify Course Material 
  • Email student to check in on their progress
  • Collaborate on resources with the professor


  • Edit student's work
  • Speculate or Comment on Student Grades
  • Teach student's coursework. 



How do I Embed a Specialist?

First, reach out to the writing center with your request. You can email us at to request an embedded tutor at any time in the semester. 

Once you have been assigned an embedded specialist, follow the instructions for embedding them as a specialist below! 

Why a Specialist?

Why a Specialist?

The “Specialist” Role in Falcon Online allows for our staff to access the following functions to best serve your students, which is why we recommend it as a potential function of our 


  • Admin permission to create forums/topics/posts (cannot delete) 

  • Admin permission to view/edit topics/forums, even when they are not currently visible to students 

  • Admin permission to link discussion board topics to the calendars 

  • Linking to calendar also sends an alert to the PULSE app. 


  • View student ID numbers 

  • View Class Progress for tracking and data analysis purposes 

  • Instant message and email from class list page 


  • View notes that students can view 

  • View Reports for tracking and data analysis purposes 


  • Access to view assignments 

  • To view projects that students are assigned 

  • Cannot view/edit grades 


  • Admin permission to create/delete