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Tech Help & Resources

Accessing Teams

You may need to use TEAMS for your classes.

You will use your Daytona State College login to access TEAMS meetings for class sessions. Do not use the GUEST option, otherwise you lose certain functions within TEAMS. Take a moment to install it and/or learn how to access it now so you are ready when you need it for class.

  1. You have two options to access Teams.
    • You can install the app on your device by going to and following the prompts.
    • You are provided Microsoft 365 at no cost and you access it through your FalconMail. TEAMS is one of the software options available from the app launcher.
    • Login to FalconMail and choose the 9 dots from the top left. The list of apps available will show. Choose Teams.


Teams Tools

Tools and Features Within Teams

When participating in a Teams meeting/class, there are a number of tools and features available to help you participate and stay active. 

  • Chat  - The chat feature in Teams is a great way to ask a quick question or strike up a conversation outside of an official meeting. Within the chat, you have the option to start an audio or video call where you can share your screen and collaborate on the spot.  
  • Raising Your Hand - Use this feature if you are online in a meeting and have a question. This is how the instructor/meeting leader is aware that you have a question.
  • Background Effects - If you are using your camera but you do not want the rest of the audience to see what is behind you, you can blur the background or find something interesting to add to your privacy.


Logging In To Teams

Logging into the Teams App

You may need to sign-in to open Teams. If you are prompted to do so, make sure to use your Daytona State College login information. Even if you have other Microsoft o365 accounts through your high school or employer, you want to sign in using your DSC credentials. Do not sign in as a guest. You will see the screens below to sign in using your DSC credentials. 

You will then select how you want to access the TEAMS meeting. If you are using a phone or installed the app on your device, choose Open Your Teams App.

**The best practice is to use the desktop app as the web version has a few limitations such as:

  • waiting in a lobby (a great security measure to prevent anyone who is not signed in with their DSC credentials from interrupting your meeting without your permission)
  • limited video backgrounds
  • inability to share control of their screen during screen sharing, etc.​​.


This is where you will turn on/off your settings for your camera and microphone. Once set, choose JOIN NOW.


Use these guidelines as you participate in the TEAMS meeting/class.

  1. Please mute your microphone when not speaking
  2. Utilize the chat function to share thoughts and pose questions during the sessio
  3. Utilize the “Raise Hand” feature to ask to be called on or to communicate that you are experiencing technical difficulties
  4. Closed captioning is available. Simply click on 3 dots and choose “Turn on Live Captions”
  5. This session is being recorded and will be available to participants following the session