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Academic Support Center

(386) 506-4217

Circulation Desk

(386) 506-3055

DSC-UCF Writing Center

(386) 506-3297

DeLand Library

(386) 785-2017

FalconAid Support

(386) 506-3950

Research Assistance

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What is Falcon Online?

What is Falcon Online? How will I use it for my classes?

It is your student course portal that provides you with access to online course materials. For every class of which you are enrolled (on campus, online and hybrid), you have a course shell. The shell includes:

  • Instructor contact information
  • Your syllabus and course schedule 
  • Your assignment grades.

You will gain access to your course shells as of the first day of class. 

It is essential that you gain skills in using the variety of tools found in Falcon Online, as each instructor uses their course shells differently. You may need to access your assignments there (submit essays or worksheets, participate in discussion boards or complete quizzes). 

Falcon Online Infoguide 

Watch 2- minute tutorial videos provided for the tools available

24/7 Falcon Online Support

If you experience a technical issue with Falcon Online or need assistance with using its features and functions, you can get assistance  24/7!!

Use this contact information to assist you with troubleshooting and technical assistance with using Falcon Online features and functions.

  • CALL:(386) 506-3950 select option 2
  • EMAIL: 
  • CHAT -This requires that you are logged in to Falcon Online and that you choose the CHAT link in the Falcon Online Support widget

*Note:  Your instructor is your point of contact for questions about assignments, directions, due dates, etc..Falcon Online Support cannot answer specific questions about your homework, due dates, etc. They are technical support. 

Falcon Online Alerts and Notifications

Stay on top of things. Consider using the Pulse App or set Notifications.

These two tools, Pulse and Notifications, can be quite helpful in staying up-to-date on course content, announcements and other details related to your assignents. They are two very unique tools with different features and functions, so you should investigate them both to determine if either is right for you. 

  • When you login to Falcon Online, under your name, from the drop down, select NOTIFICATIONS. 
  • You can either download the Pulse App or create your settings for Notifications where you will get text and/or email notifications, based on the preferences you select. 

There are benefits and downsides to each option.


The Pulse App ties directly to your Falcon Online courses. It is a convenient point of access for your classes from your smartphone.

  • It sends you notifications when a new Announcement is posted or a grade has been posted
  • You can read announcements, check grades, and look at course content. 
  • *You should NOT attempt to complete assignments using your smartphone. Documents do not format properly. 
  • You can look for Upcoming Work To Do; however, PULSE does NOT send you assigment due date reminders!! You should always consult your course schedule to check for assignments and their due dates.

If you prefer texts or emails, Notifications are for you. Notifications are settings you modify within Falcon Online to provide you with:

  • Reminder emails or texts for assignment or quiz due dates (**Discussions are not included on alerts)
  • Notifications of updated grades, new announcements and updated content  

Watch these short videos that explains each and how they differ.