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Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. Such as Math, Science and language courses.

Our SI program is a Peer-Assisted study session program. At each SI session, you will be guided through your course material by a SI leader who has previously taken the course. SI leaders are selected by our DSC professors based on their content understanding and leadership skills.

SI is proven to increase your grade! Students who attend SI sessions on a regular basis usually finish their courses with a higher GPA than those who do not attend SI sessions. You will acquire a deeper understanding of course content as well as more effective study skills.

Welcome to the Supplemental Instruction InfoGuide

Welcome to the Supplemental Instruction (SI) InfoGuide. Here you will find information and resources from the Daytona State College library to help you with SI information. Explore the side tabs and if you need more help, please contact one of your Daytona State College librarians!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) was developed to improve pass rates in historically- difficult courses.

  • SI identifies high- risk courses, ( 30% or more D/F/W. )
  • SI does have some similarities to tutoring, but it focuses on peer- assisted group learning, the " how to study,"  as well as content difficulty
  • SI is relationship and content-based.  It is a Voluntary attendance program.
  • SI is Course and Professor Specific.