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Continuing Contract and Promotion

CC&P and Mentor Model Forms

Continuing Contract Information

This document is provided as a convenience.  Please consult the State Board of Education website and the Daytona State College Document Repository for official information.

Department Matrices

Department Matrices 

These matrices have been developed by each School (Academic Department) at the College to provide examples of what appropriate activities for Secondary Responsibilities may look like for each academic rank within a particular academic discipline.  These allow faculty to both gauge expectations for their current ranks and plan appropriate activities that will support application for promotion to the next rank.  For example, in the School of Biological and Physical Sciences, a service activity that would demonstrate appropriate leadership at the Professor Rank would be chairing a college wide committee.  An Associate Professor seeking promotion to the Professor rank in this School may look for this type of opportunity to support their application.   

How to Update the Department Matrix

Faculty members in their respective departments and programs are responsible for keeping matrices updated so that they continue to reflect the achievements and opportunities valued by their various disciplines. Matrix updates should be sent to the head of the Faculty Senate Mentor Model Committee or a DSC Librarian who has InfoGuide editing access.