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Continuing Contract and Promotion

Guidelines for Writing the Application

Guidelines for Writing the Application

The application is the document submitted in the fall of the academic year in which a faculty member seeks continuing contract or applies for promotion.  Please email the application in PDF format, including the coversheet, to the Chair of Faculty College Wide Continuing Contract and Promotion Committee and your Chair/Supervisor by December 1st .  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Format of the Application

  • The application should be typed in 12pt. Times New Roman or Arial font. 
  • Margins should be a minimum of one inch.
  • The application should not contain spelling or grammatical errors. 
  • The entire application, excluding the cover sheet, should not exceed 12 pages.

Contents of the Application

  • Cover letter. A one- to two-page letter from the candidate addressed to those reviewing their application that points out what the candidates believe are the key reasons they should be granted continuing contract or promotion in relation to their primary responsibilities and the area(s) of specialization chosen for secondary responsibilities. This letter should highlight those attributes appropriate to the rank being sought for example “leadership and mentoring” for Professor Rank.
  • C.V. A summary of the faculty member’s accomplishments, akin to what is generally used by professors nationally and is kept updated with HR every year. The CV should highlight the faculty member’s entire career.
  • Summary Faculty Activity Report. A collection of all pertinent reports from each year’s FAR under consideration for continuing contract/promotion, pared down to the key accomplishments as necessary to stay within the 10-page limit for CV and FAR combined.  This report should highlight the major activities and evidence during the promotional period which support the rank being sought.

Cover Sheet (Not Included in Page Count)



Name of Department or Faculty Group:


Chair or Supervisor:


For Continuing Contract? 


For Promotion?                To Rank of:


Area of Specialization, for example 33%Service, 33% Pedagogy, 33% Scholarship (Note: This must match what is on your Declaration of Intent Form):






Chair Representative:


College Wide Committee Representative:


Date of Submission:


Record Keeping

It is the responsibility of faculty members to keep documentation of all accomplishments listed in the application for review as requested during the continuing contract and promotion application process.  A copy of the application will be maintained by the faculty member, the Chair or supervisor of their department, and the Chair of the Continuing Contract and Promotion Committee.