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FCLE (Florida Civic Literacy Exam)

Please Review!

The following resources have been carefully selected by Academic Support Center staff who have taken the exam. This list has been designed to be completed in order. It is in your best interest to review all materials; however, if you feel you already have sufficient knowledge of a particular topic, feel free to skip around.  Keep in mind that the more you review, the better you will do!


Learn About the United States (All Comps, General Civic Literacy Study Guide)

US Citizenship and Immigration Services Study for the 2020 Test (Comps 1-3, US Naturalization Review) 

Landmark Cases of the Supreme Court (Comp. 4,  Landmark Supreme Court cases) 

Amendment Review – 27 Amendments in 27 Minutes … Plus a Few More   (Comp. 2,  U.S. Constitution--All 27 in 37 minutes!)

All Amendments to the US Constitution  (Comp. 2,  U.S. Constitution) 

Founding Documents - Civic Literacy Competency Exam Prep (Comp. 3,  Founding Documents--50 minutes of document boot camp!) 

Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politics #3  (Comp. 1,  American Democracy) 

What you might not know about the Declaration of Independence - Kenneth C. Davis  (Comp. 3,   Founding Documents) 

What Were the Articles of Confederation? | History  (Comp. 3,   Founding Documents)

The Federalist Papers Explained (AP US Government and Politics)   (Comp. 3,   Founding Documents)

A 3-minute guide to the Bill of Rights - Belinda Stutzman   (Comp. 2,  U.S. Constitution) 

Official Constitution of the United States  (Comp. 2,  U.S. Constitution) 


Florida Atlantic University Videos:

US Constitution and the Founding of our Country (Comps 1-3)

Landmark Supreme Court Cases (Comp. 4,  Landmark Supreme Court cases) 

Note: Video Content prepared and delivered by Dr. Jennifer Berbergal, Florida Atlantic University. The posting of this recording (in part or in whole) by individuals who may receive compensation for views or through other means is prohibited.