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DSC Basics

Basic College Expectations

For every class you take at Daytona State College (or elsewhere), there are common expectations:

  • You will attend class.
  • You will manage your time effectively to come to class on time and complete your work by published deadlines.
  • You will have your textbook by the first day of class.
  • You will come to class prepared, which includes bringing paper, pen/pencils, calculators/other tools and your textbook to class.
  • You will take notes.
  • You will behave like an adult (exhibit maturity, manners and respect) with your classmates, instructors and staff.
  • You will become familiar with how to find information.
  • You will orient yourself with the campus and the departments and services available to assist you.
  • You will have basic technology skills that enable you to download and upload files and use standardized software and tools such as Microsoft Office and Falcon Online.
  • You will check your email daily.
  • You will login and check on your course shell regularly.
  • You will ask for help.

You should also learn your Student ID number, get a Student ID card, parking decal and set up a Paper Cut account if you plan to do any printing or copying on campus.


Carry your Student ID card all of the time. On-campus services that will ask for it include Library Services, the Academic Support Center, our Health & Fitness Center, and the Bookstore to name a few. Getting an ID is easy. Visit Student Identification Card for locations to obtain yours.


Learn more about parking on campus and obtaining your parking decal.


If asked to print something for class (your homework, an article), plan early to do so. Check your ink supply at home before the deadline. If you need to print on campus, take a few minutes to set up a Paper Cut Account.