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Student Services

This InfoGuide aims to provide a single location for all the services provided by the campus that are directly for the benefit of students.

Welcome to the Student Services InfoGuide

Use the links in the menu to the left to visit department websites to learn more. 

Student Services help you stay engaged, overcome barriers, and meet your goals. But they only work when students know what we have to offer and then take advantage of those services.  Here are a few reasons to investigate and use Student Services:

1. Stay connected - Support services include networking programs, cultural events, peer mentoring, gyms, and skills workshops all help students engage with your college community. When you feel like you are a part of something, you feel more connected and more likely to persist, even when things get tough.

2. Minimize or remove barriers - Every student must overcome some barriers. It might be financial concerns, difficulty retaining childcare, or a crisis of confidence resulting from a particularly demanding class. Don't let such challenges limit your progress or cause you to feel that you cannot manage or are not cut out for collee. Student Services help by offering you tools to break through their barriers to completion. Tutoring, childcare, financial aid services, student healthcare, mental health services, IT support and a host of other programs are availabile to empower you to keep pushing and achieve your goals.

3. Help with reaching career goals - Most students are motivated by career goals. You see a degree as a way to increase  pay, start a new career, or position yourself for a promotion. Student Services can help connect what you are learning in their classes to the skills needed to succeed in your career. This includes programs like career counseling, internships, resume help, job fairs, and other career-related services.