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Social Media

Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Best Practices

Guidelines put in place by will be upheld by DSC Academic Support Services Twitter accounts (

Department Twitter Page
Library @DSCLib
Academic Support Center @DSCASC
Writing Center @DSCUCF_WC

Following Other Users

  • Follow other academic libraries, academic support centers, writing centers, DSC departments/organizations, and similar organizations to the DSC Academic Support Services.
  • If users don’t have an actual picture, do not follow them.


  • Use hashtags in tweets to categorize subject areas or to follow a trending topic.
  • Tweeted links will include context about the link. Rather than “this is interesting” or “cool site,” include more relevant content about the resource.
  • Academic Support Services Twitter pages will retweet relevant content from appropriate sources.
  • Create a conversation with other users by retweeting, posting consistently, and tweeting thanks to new appropriate followers.
  • Social media administrators will regularly monitor the comments and respond in real time.
  • Use URL shorteners such as or to shorten the web links that are included in the posts should be utilized.
  • Staff taking pictures of Academic Support Services students will obtain verbal confirmation, at the minimum, to post photos to various social media. Ideally, students will sign the “DSC Talent Release” form.