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Library Fines

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Fines and Holds

The overdue fine for all material is 25 cents per item, per day. For lost or damaged material, there is a $10 processing fee in addition to the replacement cost for the item. Outstanding fines may result in holds on transcripts and graduation. For questions about overdue fines, please contact us at 386-506-3055.

Appealing Library Fines

Daytona State College Library makes every effort to efficiently manage the circulation of our physical materials in a fair and consistent manner. Late or lost materials will incur fines according to established guidelines provided in the Circulation Policy Manual. However, under some circumstances you may have sound reasons for appealing a fine.

Criteria for appeal:

  1. Provide substantial and valid evidence that the material was never checked out or was returned on time.
  2. Provide substantial and valid evidence that you were unable to renew or return items because of circumstances beyond your control. Note: Ignorance of due dates or failure to receive overdue notices are not valid reasons for appeal.
  3. Request reduction of fine based on financial hardship.

Appeals must be made within 30 days after the date of the fines billing. Accounts which are already eligible for Collections cannot be appealed.

Appeal procedure:

Complete the Daytona State College Library Services Fine Appeal Form within the appropriate time frame and return (in person or by e-mail) to the Circulation Librarian. Please keep a copy of your appeal documents for your own records.

Your appeal will be carefully reviewed and investigated. This process may take several weeks. If you are blocked from registering in the meantime, request a temporary removal of your block from the Circulation Department. You will be notified of the decision of the Committee. The Committee's decision is final.

The Fine Appeals Committee is composed of the Circulation Librarian, the Head Librarian, and the Associate Vice-President for Library and Academic Support Services.

Additional documentation or questions should be emailed to