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Best Practices

Best Practices

Daytona State College is committed to staying abreast of current technology and achieving positive change and learning outcomes through the creation of a searchable knowledge base of commonly asked questions. The Daytona State Answers knowledge base will allow students, faculty, and staff within DSC, as well as peer institutions, to opportunity to search for FAQs established by DSC academic support staff and Library Services department. By creating a searchable repository of frequently asked questions, this site will benefit the DSC community.

Goals for Student Users

  • To prepare students for the 21st-century environment.
  • To increase collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication in our students, staff, and faculty.
  • To strengthen connections across areas of learning and beyond the school environment for improved lifelong learning abilities

Instructions for Editors

  • Log in to Springshare at 
  • In the top navigation bar, select Answers.
  • Select Create FAQ Entry.
  • In the Question field, type a clearly worded, commonly asked question.
  • Select Save Question & Continue.
  • This will create a Question that can now be Answered. Type a clearly worded answer in the Answer text area.
  • Once text is complete in the Answer, click Save Answer Text.
  • Add 1-3 Topics and however many Keywords appropriate for each Answer.
  • Once fully edited, change “Status: Unpublished Draft” to “Published.”
  • Preview your Answer.

Best Practices in Creating Questions

  • Begin with the most commonly asked questions for your service area.
  • Use an active voice (e.g. “How can I find” rather than “How can this be found”).
  • Use natural language that students may use and search with.
  • Keep posts simple and straightforward; avoid two-part questions.

Best Practices in Creating Answers

  • Response with authority and DSC terminology, but also keep answers natural and informative.
  • Include any supporting documentation (e.g. links, files, media).
  • Answer texts are HTML and can be formatted to include hyperlinks, bolded font, various styled text, etc.; please use these sparingly to create consistency throughout all of our Answers.
  • Use default and consistent formatting: font-family: Arial; font-size: 14px.

Best Practices in Tagging Questions

  • Title case capitalize all topics and keywords (e.g. Information Literacy).
  • Include at least one topic for each FAQ, but no more than three.
  • Include as many keywords as deemed necessary; users cannot see keywords, they simply allow for increased searchability and become part of the metadata.

Reporting Technical Issues

  • AJ Delgado, Technology Services Librarian, is the administrator for the DSC SpringShare applications, including the knowledge base. Technical issues should be directed to him.