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Best Practices

About DSC Library Best Practices

This best practices InfoGuide is meant to serve as a resource for both DSC librarians and other librarians who are interested in the styling and resources behind our website and guides.  This InfoGuide provides website best practices, specifications, style sheets, commonly used widgets, and links to other sites and guides we used as resources to design our own site. 

Creating a New InfoGuide Template & Video

DSC Library Website Redesign

The 21st century library as both a physical and virtual space, must provide access to credible resource in a welcoming, intuitive, and user-friendly environment, utilizing both asynchronous and synchronous support for our users. We knew that we needed a digital presence that would incorporate our many web based resources and applications to any library patron - whether it's a faculty member in their office clicking through a course specific InfoGuide; or a staff member downloading one of our 170,00 e-books; or a student emailing one of the millions of full-text articles available from their smart phone - all through the library's website.

The presentation below will describe how these needs facilitated a Summer 2016 website redesign.