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Virtual Proctoring

Using Honorlock with Publisher Exams

Getting started with Honorlock for your publisher exams

You may have a course using publisher content, such as Pearson MyStatLab for Statistics or Vista Higher Learning for Spanish, which may require virtual proctoring by Honorlock. There are a few things to keep in mind for these exams:

  • Honorlock refers to publisher exams as "Third Party" or "Universal". Your instructor may refer to publisher material by name (i.e., Pearson MyStatLab, VHL, etc.)
  • You will need to use the Chrome web browser and install the Honorlock extension.
  • There are a few extra steps that are different from a Falcon Online quiz:
    • The publisher exam requires a password. This confidential password is provided for you via a button after you begin the Honorlock proctoring recording. (Note: you do not need to request a password.)
    • You will need to navigate to Tools then Honorlock to launch the proctoring session. After this, you will need to navigate back your publisher exam to insert the password provided by Honorlock after set up.

Pearson (MyLab)

Vista Higher Learning (VHL)


Using Honorlock with your publisher exams


  1. On the publisher side, set up your exam(s) with a strong password.
    1. Adding extra time is recommended as the exam timer does not stop if a student needs to speak with Honorlock LiveChat.
  2. On the Falcon Online side, go to Honorlock in Tools and use the ellipses in the upper right to register your third-party exam.
    1. Make sure to enter the details exactly as you have them set on the publisher side - name, date/time, password
    2. Provide the name of your publisher in the "Exam Platform" field as it will appear to students to direct them back to their exam after their initial set-up is complete (see student video demonstrations for examples.)
    3. Exam URL/Link is optional. It is recommended to deep link your publisher exam(s) in your Falcon Online course shell to eliminate additional URL configurations and student confusion.


  • Never give out the password to your exam(s).
  • A good first step to troubleshooting is to review any results recorded in the Honorlock tab of your Falcon Online course shell (Tools - Honorlock) for insight on where the student may have encountered issues.
  • A common pitfall for students is returning to the exam page requiring the password, at which point the student needs to click the insert password button via Honorlock (see student guide for examples.)
  • Students have access to Honorlock Livechat throughout their exam by clicking back to the Honorlock tab.