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Virtual Proctoring

How to use Honorlock in Falcon Online

Getting Started with Honorlock

Privacy and Security

Check out the resources below about how Honorlock respects student privacy. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to

Tips for a Smooth Honorlock Experience

If you run into an issue, start by contacting 24/7 Honorlock support (before reaching out to your instructor):

Getting Started with Honorlock

Please review the resources here as you become familiar with virtual proctoring.

Setting Up An Honorlock Exam

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • A password is automatically applied to your quizzes by Honorlock. Never give out the password to your exam(s).
  • There are a variety of settings you can apply which may affect the flags generated after a student completes their proctored session.
    • Proctoring Settings - a variety of settings so you can decide the level of proctoring for your use case
      • Room Scan - it is recommended to elaborate any additional instructions, such as showing any permitted resources.
      • Browser Guard - flags if there was an attempt to navigate away from the exam and pushes the exam to the front of the screen.
    • Student Guidelines - students will see any settings and instructions provided in this section.
      • Open book, notes allowed, and scratch paper allowed will all prevent flags about students whose face is partially out of view (note: flags are still recorded if they completely leave the webcam view) since these settings anticipate students looking down at permitted resources or working on scratch paper.

After Students Complete An Honorlock Exam

Here are a few tips to help when reviewing results:

  • You can right-click the video (webcam and/or screen recording) to show controls. This will give you options such as fullscreen, mute, and navigation. (Note: each video can play independently of each other, so take note of the timestamp for each video.)
  • If you notice a gap where the recording may have lapsed, the student may have experienced a network issue. In this case, a still or "failsafe" image is saved for review. If the connection remains unsteady, images will be saved every 10 seconds. You can access these images by going to the download button on the left to request failsafe images. You will be notified when they are ready for review.