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Financial Aid and Money Management

Outside Scholarships/Scholarship Platform Search

Unfortunately, there is not a singular website to find all of the scholarships that meet your unique qualifications. The easiest way to find outside scholarships (other than our DSC Foundation Scholarships) is to use what is known as a scholarship search platform. That is just a fancy name for a site that compiles many scholarships in one place to make it easier for you to search.  Here are a few that you may want to check out:

DSC Foundation Scholarships

Your first application for a scholarship should go to the DSC Scholarships program. Our scholarships are based on information from your admissions application or that we have on file from other records, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). They also come from donors requiring students to meet certain criteria, such as being from a specific area or studying a specific major. The scholarship site is updated each semester based on availability of awards. Check early to apply and qualify!

Student Life/Student Activities Related Scholarships

The Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships is a highly selective scholarship for the nation’s top community college students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees at four-year colleges or universities. Each award is intended to cover a significant share of the student’s educational expenses – including tuition, living expenses, books and required fees – for the final two to three years necessary to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Awards vary by individual, based on the cost of tuition as well as other grants or scholarships they may receive. This highly competitive scholarship includes:

  • Up to $40,000 per year to attend a four-year accredited undergraduate school.
  • Ability to pursue any area of study.
  • Personal advising about selecting a college and navigating financial aid.
  • Multifaceted advising about how to transition to a four-year college and maximize the student experience.

For more information contact Student Life.

State of Florida Scholarships

The State of Florida also provides assistance and scholarships.  The Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) provides information about state funded financial aid, scholarships, and loan forgiveness for Nursing students. They also offer free online workshops about managing your credit, budget, career planning, financial aid, scholarships and more.